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Registration Information Doesn't Work
Game Gives Error Code When Starting
Plays The Same Game Over and Over
Cannot Find Card Images (Regular.wmf) 
Run Time Error 339 (Component mswinsck.ocx...)
Create mpeg32.task_cmd is not successful
Slow Response / Freezing / Display Problems
Update Manager Doesn't Work Or Keeps Trying To Update Itself
Corrupt Download
Problems with Microsoft Text-To-Speech
Sounds/Speech not heard or being curtailed
Unexpected Online Disconnection
Cannot Connect to the Online Forum Server
Resetting Registry Preferences

First ensure that you have the latest versions installed.  The Updates page always contains the latest officially released builds; the Base Versions page, and other online sources, may not.  Beta Versions (if available) are the next scheduled release, and are therefore more up-to-date than update versions.  The build number of your current version is shown in the Help/About window of the games (versions 10.0 and later).

If you then encounter any  problems not noted below, first review the ReadMe.txt file to ensure that your installation was performed correctly.  If all appears to be in order, deinstall the program(s) and then reinstall.  

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Registration Information Doesn't Work. 
If the registration information that you have been provided is not being accepted, the reason will be one of the following:
- You are not entering it into the game for which it was issued (each game has a different registration coding)
- You are not entering your name exactly as shown on your registration information.  (If you are registered as "John Doe", entering the registration name as "john doe" or "JOHN DOE" will not be successful.)
- You are not entering your registration code exactly as shown on your registration information, including the dashes.
- The validation code that you entered at  the bottom of the Registration Entry window is not identical to the validation code displayed at the top.
- You are using a fairly old version of the game (Version 14.3 or earlier) which is no longer supported and which does not understand the current code format.  Please download and install the latest version from the downloads section.
- You are using a code which is considered to be unauthorized.  In this case, you should send an email to with the following information: your name, the registration code, your Register Now order id (if ordered online), and the approximate date of issue.  

Click here for an example of the process for entering registration information into the game for which you have registered.

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Game Gives Error Code When Starting. 
Occasionally the file which saves the game in progress from the previous session may have become corrupted or is otherwise causing problems.  If you receive an error code when starting one of the MeggieSoft Games, you should first find and delete this file (if it exists).  The file will be in your MeggieSoft Games installation folder (the default is C:\Program Files\MeggieSoft Games), with the following name - where xxxxxx is your player name (the default is "player"):
Canasta:xxxxxx.cnk, Cribbage:xxxxxx.cbk, Euchre & Écarté:xxxxxx.euk, German Whist:xxxxxx.gwk, Gin Rummy:xxxxxx.gbk, Pinochle:xxxxxx.psk, Piquet:xxxxxx.pqk, Rummy 500:xxxxxx.rbk

If this does not fix the problem, you should use the Registry Reset utility to reset player preferences to their defaults.

If the problem persists and there is a file in your MeggieSoft Games installation folder named xxstart.log (where "xx" is cn, cb, eu, gw, gr, pn, pq, or r5, depending upon the game which generated it), please email this file to MeggieSoft Games with a report of the error code you received.  

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Plays the Same Game Over and Over. 
If the AutoRestore preference option is not set, the game will always restart at the beginning of the same round until you complete the round and advance to the next.  Also, if you have advanced to the next and receive a "Save Scoreboard?" prompt to which you respond "No", the next session will start back from the same round again.  To avoid restarting the same game, always respond "Yes" to a "Save Scoreboard?" prompt, and consider setting the AutoRestore option under Preferences/Automatic.

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Cannot Find Card Images. 
The card images are installed as part of a base version installation, to a subfolder named "cards" within the installation folder.  If you receive a fatal error that this file is not found, the installation is incorrect.  

This problem is usually caused when an update installation has been performed to a filefolder where no base installation has be installed - updates must be applied to a filefolder which already contains a base version of at least one of the MeggieSoft Games.   The solution is to either reapply the update to the correct filefolder, or to reinstall using the base version.

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Run Time Error 339 (Component mswinsck.ocx...) 
The mswinsck.ocx component is a Microsoft file which is needed for the operation of the games' online capabilities.  The MeggieSoft Games base installations will install and register this file if it is not found to already be installed on your system.  ("Register" means entering a record into the system registry to inform Windows that the component is installed.)  

We receive rare reports of users encountering this run time error, which states that "Component mswinsck.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered.  A file is missing or invalid".

MeggieSoft Games does not know for sure why this error would occur on your system if a base installation of one of the games has been performed.  However, Internet research has indicated that some viruses target this component.  A likely conclusion is that the component was already present on your system but is not correctly registered.  

The solution is to force re-registration by entering the following command via the Run entry in the Windows Start menu:
regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx (there is a space after "regsvr32")

If this fails, you may need to include the full location name including your Windows system filefolder path.  By default this would be:
regsvr32 C:\Windows\System\mswinsck.ocx (for Windows 95/98/Me)
regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\mswinsck.ocx (for Windows XP)
regsvr32 C:\WINNT\System32\mswinsck.ocx (for Windows NT)

If there is still a problem, locate mswinsck.ocx on your system and rename it (to, say, mswinsck.ocz).  Then perform a base installation of one of the MeggieSoft Games to force a new installation and registration of the component.   If operation is then trouble-free, the renamed file may be deleted.

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Create mpeg32.task_cmd is not successful 
This problem is a problem with your Windows system, not with the MeggieSoft Games.  We have researched this issue and it appears that the issue is related to a problem with an installation or update of the Windows Media Player on your system.  Many of the references we found recommend the following resolution:

  • Open your Window's system.ini file with a text editor like notepad. 
  • Find the line MPEGVideo=mpeg16.dll" (probably under the header "mci") and change it to "MPEGVideo=mciqtz.drv".
  • After making the change, resave it as system.ini and restart your system.

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Slow Response / Freezing / Display Problems.   
Occasionally a user will report that the movement of cards on the screen or other display operations are extremely slow on their system, sometimes to the degree that the game appears to be frozen.  

This problem is almost invariably found to be a function of the graphics driver on the user's system.  The MeggieSoft Games issue display instructions to Windows which in turn passes the instructions to the graphics driver.  Graphics card manufacturers add their own tweaks regarding how their drivers process these instructions with the intention of improving their product's performance.   Unfortunately these tweaks sometimes backfire with MeggieSoft Games and numerous other vendors' products, and result in a system slowdown.   The slowdown is caused by processing activity by the graphics driver, not by Windows or by MeggieSoft Games.

If you are affected by such problems, the first action is to check your graphics card manufacturer's website to ensure that you have that latest versions of their drivers installed on your system.   Frequently the manufacturers are alerted to such problems with their drivers and release updates to fix the problem.

Alternatively, the Windows Display Control Panel (Display, Settings, Advanced, Performance) provides the means to overcome this problem by specifying that some or all of the special acceleration features of your particular graphics driver should not be used.  This facility is a slider which is used to indicate how much of the graphic driver's special acceleration features should be disabled.  You should try backing off these features one step at a time until the problem is circumvented.   This Windows facility is provided by Microsoft because such problems are unfortunately not rare.

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Update Manager Doesn't Work Or Keeps Trying To Update Itself.  
Occasionally updates to the Update Manager routines (updater.exe and installer.exe) can become out of sync with what is installed on individual user's systems.  To force a fresh installation of the latest versions of these routines without needing to download and install a new base version, install the download by Clicking Here (373KB).

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Corrupt Download  
This is almost invariably the result of a download terminating prematurely, leaving you with an incomplete install file.  The simple solution is to try again later and/or select a different site.  Another solution is to use a program like Download Accelerator (from which allows you to pause and resume downloads (and resume prematurely terminated downloads).

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Problems with Microsoft Text-To-Speech.  
The Microsoft Text-To-Speech capability is downloadable from the Speech System section.  If you experience trouble with using this facility, be sure that you are using the latest version(s) of the game(s).  Also note that TTS v5.1 cannot be used with Windows 95.

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Sounds/Speech not heard or being curtailed. 
The sound processing modules were rewritten in version 10.5.  If you are using version 10.4 or earlier, you should update to the latest version.

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Unexpected Online Disconnection. 
When you are connected online to another player, the connection is made directly between your computer and your opponent's computer.  This is true whether you connected via "direct connect" or via the "find-a-partner" forum (which is merely a type of directory assistance service.)  In other words, the MeggieSoft Games' internet server is not involved in any connection once it has been made.

If you are unexpectedly disconnected during and online game, the link between your computer and that of your opponent has been broken for some reason.  In many cases this could be due to the physical connection or other conditions pertaining to the internet.  However, particularly if it happens frequently, it may be because the IP Port number used by the game to make the connection has been disrupted by some other program on your, or your opponent's, system.  If this may be the case, you should try a different port number via the Online Preferences in the game's "Online" menu.  In most cases, using a port number a little higher or lower will solve the problem.  If you frequently directly connect to the same opponent, they too should change their Online Preferences to the same port number.

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Cannot Connect to the Online Forum Server. 
On September 10, 2004, MeggieSoft Games released version 15.3 of all games with a new forumserver module.  Prior to that date, the Online Forum was at a different server than it is currently.  If you have not appropriately updated your game(s) since that time, your connection attempts would be searching for the forum at a location that no longer exists.

To be sure that this is not the cause of the problem, please download and install the latest "Base Version" of the game(s) from the Downloads section.  This will ensure that you have the latest releases of all software.  Note that the Online Update facility under the Admin menu of each game will allow you to easily keep up-to-date thenceforth.

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Resetting Registry Preferences. 
Very occasionally a game will not start due to an anomaly with some of the player preferences that are stored in the registry.  This anomaly may have been caused by changes to your system's configuration, or the installation and de-installation of components resulting in registry entries which are no longer meaningful, or some other cause.

If you encounter this problem, you may clear the registry of all player preferences for the game by downloading and running the "MeggieSoft Games Registry Reset" utility.  Click Here to download this utility program (msgreset.exe, 28K).

After you have run the reset utility, all player preferences will assume the original installation defaults when you next run the game at issue.

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