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Tips & Hints




If you have not already done so, please check the Troubleshooting and FAQ pages of the "Information" section before requesting assistanceIf your problem is listed, you will be able to resolve it much quicker.  Also, be sure that you have read the readme and help files distributed with the games since many questions and reported problems are covered in these files.  

Do not use this facility to request free registrations.  MeggieSoft Games does not wish to offend you by ignoring these requests.  

Do not be concerned if you do not receive a reply.  Problems are always resolved in the next release and general comments are always taken into account.  By maintaining low administrative overheads we are able to focus our efforts on the quality of our products. 

If you are submitting a problem report, please provide as much information as possible - particularly which game, version and build number (e.g., Rummy 500, version 16.0, build 16001), where obtained, and the precise circumstances leading up to the problem. 

To send an email to MeggieSoft Games, select the "Send Email To MeggieSoft Games" entry under the Help menu of any of the games.