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Register more than one game at the same time and save up to 55%.  
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Registration codes for the MeggieSoft Games are software usage licenses, not subscriptions.  Once you have purchased a registration code for one of the games, you are granted unlimited and indefinite personal use of that game.  Additionally, under our current licensing policies, MeggieSoft Games does not charge additional license fees for version updates.

Registration processing is performed by who provide numerous methods for submitting your order and making your payment.  (For further information on the registration payment process, click here to link to RegNow's customer FAQ page.)

Order Online / Pay Online : Get your registration code within minutes with online payment using your credit card or PayPal.  (PayPal is available only for payments in US Dollars).
Order Online / Pay Offline
: Submit your order swiftly, then submit payment by any of the following offline methods: credit card (faxed), check/cheque, money order, wire transfer, or Giro (Europe).  There is a small additional handling fee.  Full details will be provided as you enter your order, before you are requested to confirm the transaction.
Order Offline / Pay Offline
: Submit your order by telephone.  There is a small additional handling fee.  Click Here for RegNow's telephone number.  

Each game has a separate registration code.  Be sure that you are purchasing the registration code for the game that you require.  For example, if you want to register Rummy 500, do not click on Gin Rummy (or vice versa).

If you prefer not to use PayPal or a credit card online, there are many offline alternatives (see above).
Payment may be made in US, Canadian or Australian Dollars, Euros or UK Pounds.

Important Notes:
- You are responsible for evaluating that the game is to your liking before purchasing a registration code.
- If you are ordering a second registration for a game in order to play online within your family, you must register under a different name as online play is not permitted between two computers on which the game is registered to the same name.
- All products are distributed by online downloads.  MeggieSoft Games does not distribute CDROMs.
- Registration codes for Rummy 500 version 4.3 (or earlier) and Gin Rummy version 3.3 (or earlier) are no longer issued.  If you have an unregistered copy of one of these versions, you will need to install the latest version before registering.