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Registration codes for the MeggieSoft Games are software usage licenses, not subscriptions.  Once you have purchased a registration code for one of the games, you are granted unlimited and indefinite personal use of that game.  Additionally, under our current licensing policies, MeggieSoft Games does not charge additional license fees for version updates.

Each game has a separate registration code.  Be sure that you are purchasing the registration code for the game that you require.  For example, if you want to register Rummy 500, do not click on Gin Rummy (or vice versa).



Euchre & Écarté


German Whist

Gin Rummy

Pinochle & Bezique 


Rummy 500

To purchase registrations for the MeggieSoft Games Compendium (all 8 games) for $90:
Click Here

Important Notes:
- You are responsible for evaluating that the game is to your liking before purchasing a registration code.
- If you are ordering a second registration for a game in order to play online within your family, you must register under a different name as online play is not permitted between two computers on which the game is registered to the same name.