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Euchre & Écarté
German Whist
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MeggieSoft Games is a small, long-established (since 1994), software games development company dedicated to the creation of two-handed card games for the Microsoft Windows environment. Our games are faithful implementations and adhere to rules documented in Hoyle's Rules Of Games, the Encyclopædia Britannica, and many other sources.  

We strive to create the best quality software at shareware "try before you pay" prices.   Our policy is not to charge for updates and upgrades - once you are a registered user of a game, you remain a registered user for all future versions of that game.  

By offering a range of games sharing the same foundation user-interface, MeggieSoft Games users are able to enjoy most of the major two-player card games without the need to learn a new way of operation for each one.

Each game is played against an online opponent, or against the computer.  The computer opponent can be selected to adopt any of six different skill levels.  Full game score history information is maintained, including Hall Of Fame and League Table, for up to twelve named players - perhaps one named player for each member of your household.   

Over time, we also incorporate rule variations suggested by users in order to provide the broadest possible range of play. We believe our games to be the most comprehensive available in terms of completeness of known rule variations.

A comprehensive help file and a printable user guide accompanies each game. This describes in depth how to play the game itself and how to get the most enjoyment from the MeggieSoft Games interface.   In addition, all of the games feature walk-through tutorials, explanatory prompts, analytical aids, and hint capability.