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Why Choose MeggieSoft?
The User Interface
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Euchre & Écarté
German Whist
Gin Rummy
Pinochle & Bezique
Rummy 500


Whether you are learning the game, improving your game, want to play online, or want a quiet private practice session, MeggieSoft Games has everything that you need...

  • Complete and faithful implementations of the card game experience - no clutter, no gimmicks.

  • Online play via direct or "find-a-partner" connections.

  • Online rule preference negotiation, and in-play chat.

  • Offline play against one of six opponent skill levels for when you can't get online, want to play at "machine speed", or merely need to practice.

  • Implementation of all known rule and scoring variations of each game.

  • Walk-through Tutorials

  • Comprehensive Help Files

  • Printable User Guides in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

  • Full audio features including speech output, MIDI and MP3 music support, and sound effects

  • Customizable visual features including color schemes and fonts.

  • Use your own image files for card backs and display backgrounds.

  • A downloadable Plus Pack containing assorted card back and display background images.

  • International card corner indices (alternatives to A/K/Q/J).

  • Alternative card set based upon the Piatnik Luxury card deck designs.

  • Fully realistic card animation, even when cards are turned over.

  • Multiple card and window sizes (including dynamic window resizing).

  • On-screen Scoresheet

  • Alternative Handwriting Font included for more realistic scoresheets.

  • Status bar Shortcut Buttons.

  • Customizable Toolbar.

  • "Drag-and-drop" or "Point-and-click" mouse operation - your choice.

  • "Tip Of The Day" to bring useful features and preference options to your attention.

  • Hint facility

  • Undo feature,

  • Quick-select right-click pop-up menu.

  • Analytical and training aids, including play review and altering the cards in your hand to practice different strategies

  • Well proven and respected user interface, under constant development and improvement for almost ten years

  • Up to twelve  independent players (preferences and scoreboards) may share the same computer

  • Saving of the exact game state to resume exactly where you left off.

  • Diagnostic facilities which enable us to replicate your set-up for rapid issue resolution.

  • If you don't like a feature, you can disable it or change it.  Most games have over fifty option settings.

  • Online Update for automated updating and addition of extra games and add-ons.

We do not:

  • Restrict features for unregistered users - only the number of deal combinations is reduced while you evaluate our products.

  • Charge update and upgrade fees; once registered for a game you have a license to all future versions of the game.

  • Abuse email addresses, we only use your email address to respond to your support requests.

  • Remove features between versions.  In 99% of cases, we always provide a way for things to be as you always liked them.  Nearly every feature improvement is an option which you may select or deselect.