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If you are new to MeggieSoft Games:
Download and install the game you require from the Base Versions page.  (If you want to install all the games, download and install from the Compendium page.)  After you have installed any of the games, you should use the Online Update facility of the Admin menu to check for updates, add other MeggieSoft Games, or add optional capabilities.  

If you are an existing user: You are recommended to use the Online Update facility as this will manage everything for you.  In more recent versions, this will be found in the Admin menu of any of the games (and on the toolbar for versions 15.1 and later); for older versions it is separately accessed via the Windows Start/Programs menu.  (If you are using a version earlier than version 11.0, you are unable to use Online Update.)

Online Update automatically determines what you have installed and what you may wish to install, depending upon the version of Windows that you are using and the latest version/build numbers.  You merely select what you want to install or update; Online Update will then locate  the appropriate files and manage the download and installation processes for you.

If you choose not to, or are unable to, use Online Update:

If you already have version 2006 of any game installed, you should download the other games that you require from the Updates page.  Otherwise, if you do not have a version 2006 game installed, you must download and install the game you require from the Base Versions page.  If you require more than one game, you may then add the others from the Updates page, although it is strongly recommended that you use the Online Update facility in the Admin menu of any of the games.

MeggieSoft Games no longer provides or supports 16-bit versions of the games.  If you are a Windows 3.1 user, no further updates are available.  Be sure to make backup copies of the installation you have to ensure that you can recover from a system or disk failure.

If you are using a 16-bit version and are no longer using Windows 3.1, you should move to the current 32-bit version by downloading and installing from the Base Versions page.