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The MeggieSoft Games are distributed with help files in the HTML Help (chm) formats, this being the current standard for Microsoft Windows help files.  HTML Help requires that Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.1 or later is installed on the users system, which will normally be the case.  However, MeggieSoft Games also provides help files in the older "HLP" format for users who do not wish to install (or upgrade to) Internet Explorer 4.1. 

In addition, printable User Guide versions of all help files are available in PDF format for users who have Adobe Acrobat installed on their systems.  (If you do not have this installed, the Acrobat Reader is a free download from

The applicable PDF and HLP (if required) files may be downloaded directly and automatically from within version 14.2 (or later) of any of the MeggieSoft Games by selecting the corresponding  item from the Help Menu.  However, the following download links are provided should you wish to download directly.  All of these files must be placed in the MeggieSoft Games program files filefolder on your system.

Note: In order to force a pdf file download to your MeggieSoft Games installation folder from Internet Explorer, right on the link and select "Save Target As...".  (Otherwise, the pdf file may open in the Internet Explorer window.)


Printable User Guides
(Last updated for Versions 2006, Build 20603)
Alternative Help Files
(Last updated for Versions 2006, Build 20603)
Canasta.pdf (441KB) Canasta.hlp (171KB)
Cribbage.pdf (449KB) Cribbage.hlp (174KB)
Eucharte.pdf * (421KB) Eucharte.hlp * (154KB)
GerWhist.pdf (373KB) GerWhist.hlp (133KB)
GinRummy.pdf (397KB) GinRummy.hlp (146KB)
Pinochle.pdf * (510KB) Pinochle.hlp * (170KB)
Piquet.pdf (406KB) Piquet.hlp (147KB)
Rummy500.pdf (391KB) Rummy500.hlp (142KB)

(* Eucharte and Pinochle are the program names of Euchre & Écarté and Pinochle & Bezique respectively)