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All of the MeggieSoft Games fully support online game play with other human players, using the TCP/IP protocol for Internet or LAN connection.

There are no additional license fees or charges for online play.  The online capability was introduced as a standard feature of the version IP-14  releases.

You need only be online to play an online human player.  Unlike web-based computer card games, you don't need to be connected to the internet to play against a computer.  Why would you when you have your own computer right there?  When you want to play against a computer opponent with one of the MeggieSoft Games, you play against one of the six opponent skill levels on own computer.

When playing online, the User Interface is identical identical to that of offline play except for the addition of the "online chat" icon in the status bar and the small online symbol which is added to the mousepointer icon.  (This symbol can be disabled if you don't find it useful).  The opponent play action will of course be slower with online play because the human opponent will think for a little longer than the computer opponent - otherwise the dynamics are the same.

See the Online Connection page for details on making online connections to human opponents.