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The MeggieSoft Games Plus Pack (version 8) is an optional installation add-on for versions 2006 of all games.  The Plus Pack includes the following::

  • Over 40 additional table, and mat designs (in addition to the mahogany table and green mat provided in the base versions).   

  • 6 additional card back designs

  • The card image files required to support the three additional sizes of playing cards: small, large and extra large.  (The regular size only was included in the base versions of versions prior to 2012; versions 2012 include all card sizes in the base and update versions.)

  • Two alternative sets of card designs, in all four sizes, adapted from the artistic designs of Piatnik's "Luxury" and "Imperial" playing cards.  The original designs of these card decks were created by, and are the property of, Ferd. Piatnik & Sons of Vienna, Austria.
    Click Here to view an screenshot using the Piatnik Luxury designs.
    Click Here to visit the Piatnik website.

You are recommended to download and install the Plus Pack via the Online Update capability (see "What To Download").  If you do this, there is no need to read on.

If you choose not to use the Online Update capability, or have unforeseen problems using it, you may download and install the Plus Pack from the following link. 
Note that Plus Pack Version 8 is compatible only with versions 2006 and later.

MeggieSoft Games Plus Pack
 Version 8 (2.5Mb)

Be sure that you specify the same installation filefolder (default is C:\Program Files\MeggieSoft Games) for the Plus Pack that you specified when originally installing the games).