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Card Games Sites (and Rules)

MIDI Files

WinSpeech: The MeggieSoft Games user interface supports speech synthesized output of error messages, prompts, and other information. In the current versions this capability is "built-in" (for registered users) using the WinSpeech technology licensed by MeggieSoft Games from PC WholeWare. 
You may wish to visit the PC WholeWare site if you want to evaluate the WinSpeech technology for other purposes, or download additional files which may be available.   Note that as of the time of this writing (March 2000) there is an alternative voice font file available under the "WinSpeech" section of the PC WholeWare website.
Click here to go to PC WholeWare's website.

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Card Games Sites (and Rules):

There is a very comprehensive library of the detailed rules of hundreds of card games (including those offered by MeggieSoft Games) on the web at a site in the UK maintained by John McLeod. Click here to go there now. 

The House Of Cards features traditional and family card games. You can learn the rules to new games, download software, and play games online. You can also learn about playing cards themselves, from history to collecting.  Click here to go there now. 

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MIDI Files: MeggieSoft Games does not distribute MIDI files for copyright reasons, but you may download such files from the internet for your own use with our games. To display an AltaVista search of sites containing MIDI files, click here.

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