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Learning the game
Automatic Features

Learning the game:  In addition to the help file and printable user guide, each game contains three "walk-through" options under the "Assist" menu.

The most comprehensive of these is the Tutorial feature which steps through the playing of a live game with the computer playing your hand for you and providing explanations of what is happening at each turn.

The AutoStep feature is similar, but without the explanations.  It also permits you to run and pause as the game progresses, and to alter the speed of play.

The AutoPlay feature is similar to AutoStep in continuous high-speed run mode.  It is primarily used by MeggieSoft Games when testing new versions of the product.  It plays both players hands continuously until stopped.

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Realism: If your system is sufficiently responsive regarding graphics, which is likely if you have a recent system, select "True Corners" to display cards with rounded rather than square corners.  

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- If you have trouble seeing the cards, try a larger card size.  Note that the two larger card sizes require screen resolutions higher than 600x480, and that the extra-large size is not applicable to Canasta.  Note also that the text sizes are larger when either of the two larger card sizes are selected.  
- If you need to see what a partially visible melded card is (Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy), right-click on it. The card description will be shown as a "tool-tip".  
- If you have trouble reading black on gray, you can change the background color of the dialog messages and status bar to white (or any color of your choice) via the "Colors" preferences section. You can similarly change the background color of the scoresheet.  

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Automatic Features: Try AutoMouse if you get tired of moving the mouse pointer around.  Set AutoStart,  AutoResume, and AutoRestore to go straight to your game in progress when starting up.  

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Performance: If the games provide sluggish response on your system, note that the following preference options can degrade performance.  You may wish to deselect them if they are enabled: Animation options, Rounded Corners (Cards section), Table and Mat effects (Screen section), MeggieSoft Games mousepointer icons (Mouse section). 

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