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MeggieSoft Games provides registration discounts to customers who purchase registration codes for multiple games (as a single transaction) directly from the MeggieSoft Games website via the link below.

The discounts applied to bundle purchases are:

Any Two Games:  10% discount ($18.00 - $21.60 per game)
Any Three Games:  18% discount  ($16.40 - $19.68 per game)
Any Four Games: 26% discount  ($15.54 - $17.76 per game)
Any Five Games: 34% discount ($14.26 - $15.31 per game)
Any Six Games: 42% discount  ($12.76 - $13.15 per game)
Any Seven Games: 50% discount  ($11.14 - $11.43 per game)
All Eight Games: 55% discount  (only $10.01 per game)

The exact bundle price depends upon which game registrations are included in the bundle.  
Combinations of six or seven games may cost almost the same as for all eight games.

1. Click on the following link for secure online registration. 
2. You will be presented with the full eight-game bundle order form.  
3. If you wish to purchase registrations for fewer than eight games:
    a) Click on the "remove" box against those games that you do not want to include in the bundle order
    b) Press the "Update" button.  
    c) Your requested bundle, incorporating the recalculated discount level, will then be displayed
4. Confirm your order.

Prices are shown in US Dollars.
Payment may be made in US, Canadian or Australian Dollars, Euros, or UK Pounds.
(See Purchase Registration page for details of online/offline payment methods)

Remember that you are expected to have installed and evaluated that the products are to your liking before registering.  MeggieSoft Games does not provide its products on hard media - all distribution is via internet downloads.