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We believe strongly in the principle of "try before you buy", and therefore we distribute our products as shareware.  We consider this distribution method to be
an extremely fair way of permitting you to evaluate the full functionality of our products before you commit to purchase a registration license. 

You may therefore use any of the MeggieSoft Games for a period of 30 days for evaluation purposes.  At the end of that time you must either register the game, or remove it from your system.  Failure to comply with this license condition is a violation of United States and international copyright law. 

Our registered customers have invested in our efforts through the payment of registration fees.   The games therefore protect our customers' investment by enforcing the shareware license agreement, which permits 30 days unregistered use for evaluation purposes.  

Unlike most software publishers, MeggieSoft Games currently does not charge for updates and new versions.  Once you have a registration code for a game, you are registered for all future releases of that game.