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"I love MeggieSoft!  You people are very talented in developing the best card games for computers."
(Customer testimonial - RJ, Canada)

"You are to be congratulated on your superb implementation of Piquet.   It should cause a renaissance in two player card games."
(Customer testimonial - I.D., USA/UK)

"One of the best card games around.  Intuitive interface, smart AI, well designed.  Addictive."
(Rummy 500 user opinion:

"This is the best "Five Hundred Rum" game that we've seen.  Give it a try today!  You won't be disappointed."
(Rummy 500 review:

"MeggieSoft sure knows how to make card games -- super simple and super fun."

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The latest released version of each of the games is Version 2019

Most recent site update: October 17, 2019 - see What's New


MeggieSoft Games pursues just one simple goal - to create the best possible two-player card games for the Microsoft Windows environment.   Each of the games is created in accordance with all known documented rules and rule variations using professional software development practices.  We believe that these games are quite simply the finest available, as is evidenced by many thousands of satisfied customers over almost ten years.

Each of our products is offered on the shareware "try before you buy" principle; you may enjoy any or all of them for 30 days.  We merely ask that you let us know if you find another product that you believe provides a more faithful or enjoyable rendition of any of the games that we offer.  

Thank you for visiting MeggieSoft Games.